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Secure the sending of e-mails, single Sign-On and web services.
Are you the application manager of Coachview? Then you can find all the information here.
Meet Coachview. How to log in, which functions does Coachview know and how to navigate.
Frequently asked questions
Here you will find frequently asked questions from our users.
Knowledge Sessions
Do you want to learn more advanced skills in Coachview? Check out these videos.
Renewed Coachview
Meet our renewed Coachview.

Processes in Coachview

Layout and implementation in general.
Read about capturing relationships in different files using the function Company.
Read about capturing relationships in different files using the function Contacts.
Training: Basic
Establish the structure of a course using the course definition. Make, plan and find a course. Sign up participants and create a document or send a mailing. Plan easy with roasting.
Training: Extended
Keep per person track of the amount that can be spent and the number of credits to be gained.
Workflow task(templates)
Define your workflow in actions. Create and manage both manual and automatic actions.
Workflow document(templates)
Create, print and send documents.
Tips and Tricks
In tips and tricks you will find a number of cases described that make your job a lot easier.
The operation of the planning module, linking Coachview to external calendars, sending an ICS attachment and keeping track of the planning status for teacher and/or location.
All articles about our evaluation module. Improve the quality of your training.
Sales and invoicing arrangement
From quotation to invoice. VAT, general ledger accounts, cost centres and sales rule templates.
Sales and invoicing execution
From quotation to invoice for open enrollment or customization. Additional tips and tricks.
Record teacher invoices, locations and catering using purchase orders.
Management Information
How does each course, faculty or even a small part of it perform?
Learning Portal
Managing and setting up your portals.
Import of data
Import company and personal data once or periodically, training history, new registrations via web requests, debtors and courses.


E-learning and Exams
Exchange of data between Coachview and e-learning/exam systems.
Accounting systems
Read here about the link between Coachview and your accounting system.
Payment Services Providers
Everything you need to know about exchanging data between your Payment Service Providers and Coachview.
Marketing and Communications
Link with MailChimp and Edu-Dex.
Other integrations
Link with PE-Online, Springest, AFAS Hrm, Toggl and OneDrive (B├Ęta).


Managing, setting up and using the teacher app.
Managing, setting up and using the student App.

Privacy and service

All about the general data protection regulation
Service and helpdesk
Read all about our services