HTTP status reports.
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In an http-header (name “X-WebHook-Signature”) a signature/hash should be included to check if this data actually comes from you.

A SHA-512 HMAC is calculated over the entire xml message in the body. We also calculate the SHA-512 HMAC over the message and this must match what you send in an http-header. We agree on a secret together, Coachview can generate this secret.

Coachview returns a status code 200, if the message is processed successfullyt.

Other status codes mean that an error has occurred.

HttpStatusCode.MethodNotAllowed (=405): 
Request method not supported. For example no ‘POST’ just use something else. Can't actually occur.

HttpStatusCode.Forbidden (=403): 
Webhook validation failed, no hash in httpheader or hashing does not match. It's no use trying again, probably the secret keys or the like don't match.

HttpStatusCode.BadRequest (=400): 
No data received in the http-body, cannot be converted to xml or xml does not comply with xsd scheme. See message for the error message.

Person and/or registration cannot be found in Coachview.

HttpStatusCode.ServiceUnavailable (=503): 
Coachview is not available at the moment. Please try again later.

HttpStatusCode.InternalServerError (=500): 
Arror occurred in handling. Please contact Coachview with the error message.

Other, no status code, but a connection error:
Coachview is offline, planned (=maintenance, migration, management) or not-planned (=failure).

Please pay attention when testing: do not use one and the same person to test, by registering and deregistering each time. Returning the results will then no longer work properly.
Participant (name of participant) could not be registered in ? Feedback: E-learning environment is not filled in.
The teaching form in the course part is 'classroom' and not 'e-learning'.