By using this action template you ensure that a participant who is enrolled in a course with at least one e-learning component, is registered for the exam in Certwell and gets access to this exam. Coachview automatically creates and executes the action. The module 'Automatic workflow' must be assigned to you for this purpose.


This is how you create the action template:
The action template is created via function group 'Template' and function 'Action template'.
  1. Click the 'New' button.
  2. We have defined a template for you with which you can make this action template easy. In the field 'Template' choose from the list the template to register the Moodle of participant [OpleidingsVraagPerson:NaamVolledig] - [Opleiding:Naam]', the action template will be made for you.
  3. .

The data group 'TrainingPart Execution' is automatically selected for you.
Proces 'Enroll participant in e-learning' will be automatically selected for you.
Event'Course question section is enrolled in a course unit' is automatically set up for you.

You can customize the following data as needed, so check Show advanced options:
This one is set to "Manual". Select the option 'Automatic (by stard date/time)' if you want to automate it.
Start and end date:
Standard is filled in working days after creation date', after registering participant, the action will be executed the same day. You can increase the number of working days, or choose weeks / months. You can also link the execution of the action to the date of the event.
This is not filled in. For example, enter '17:00' if you want the action to be executed at 17:00. Don't enter a time when the action will be executed within a few minutes.
Training status:
The option "All" is selected. So the status of the action is not important. If you want the action to be performed only if the program has a certain status, you can select it here. For example: this action should only be performed if the program is going to take place, then select the option 'Definitive'.
 Show action at:
Standard owner:
Fill in only if the action is to be performed by you or a colleague.

Click on 'Save' or 'Save' Back' to save the action template.

This is how you use the template:
  1. Link this action template to a course part. You can't do this through the action template, but you can do this through the program type -> tab'Components'.
  2. . Click on the tab 'Items'. .
  3. Click on the tab 'Action templates'.
  4. Click the Add button.
  5. Select the action template by clicking on the line or box.
  6. Click the Add button.