With the generic link you can automatically enroll and unsubscribe participants for e-learnings. You can set this up with the instructions below.

Authorization via OAuth 2.0

OAuth 2.0 with 'Authorization code grant' is used for the authorization.

The e-learning package provides Coachview with an access token (bearer token) in combination with a refresh token. This allows Coachview to authorize the e-learning package and control the registration and deregistration of a participant. The token is sent in the header.


: https://oauth.net/2/

Working method

A single endpoint is used with which both registration and deregistration are possible. Registration via POST and deregistration via DELETE.

Register at (HTTP Method: POST)

The data required to register one participant will be sent in JSON format.


  "PersoonExterneId": "p12345",
  "PersoonVoornaam": "Jan",
  "PersoonTussenvoegsels": "",
  "PersoonAchternaam": "Jansen",
  "PersoonEmailadres": "jan@jansen.nl",
  "Elearningcode": "e12345"

N.B.: The e-learning package ensures that it is checked whether the user exists and whether the user needs to be created and/or modified.

Unsubscribe (HTTP Method: DELETE)

The data required to unsubscribe a participant are sent along as parameters.



HTTP Status codes

The standard HTTP status codes are assumed, whereby status 200 means that the message has been successfully processed.

Other status status codes should have a clear message describing what goes wrong.