The education portal should not follow the standard url structure (https://<customer name>, but should have its own domain name.


How does this work? Who
Register the domain name of your choice and send it to Coachview after registration.
Field nameFor example
Common (without http)
Organization.Name of the organisation, e.g. Innophase
Organizational unit.Name of the 'sub organization' e.g. Coachview
State/provence.North Brabant (province)
Based on the supplied data Coachview will send you a CSR file. To request an SSL certificate you need this CSR (Certificate Signing Request). This is a piece of encrypted text containing information for the certificate to be requested.
Then you can send the CSR and the SSL certificate back to Coachview so we can make the necessary settings again.
You will receive the IP address of the training portal from Coachview. Using the IP address you make sure the DNS (A) record refers to this IP address.

The IP address can be found in Coachview via function group 'Admin' and function 'Webservice user'.
Coachview and yourself.