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Certification is becoming increasingly important. Products, services but also people have to meet more and more requirements. You want your exams and certificates to be independently validated, checked for correctness and validity. Certwell ensures that every certificate is kept safe and that people are registered for specific exams. This is done via the C-Exam, a part of C-Register. Have you set up a Certwell environment for your participants? Then you can use a number of steps from Coachview to ensure that a participant is registered in Certwell. This gives the participant access to one or more exams. Has the participant passed this exam? The result is then sent back to Coachview and the attendance and success is registered. The participant request is approved.

What's happening?
If a person enrolls in a Coachview course with a Certwell component, the following automatic process will start:
  1. Is the participant not yet known in Certwell? Then the candidate data is sent and the participant is created in the Certwell environment.
  2. The participant is then enrolled in the exam and thus automatically gets access to the exam session
    1. The date and time of the exam will be used for the exam date and time of the exam.
    2. The location, planned in the section, will be sent along. It concerns the location of the visiting address (1) and the room where the exam will take place (2).
  3. If the participant has passed the exam, the result will be returned to Coachview.

Let op:
  1. Wil je een deelnemer uitschrijven en verwijderen, dan moet je dit zelf via Certwell doen.
  2. Indien er persoonsgegevens gewijzigd worden, moeten deze in beide systemen handmatig doorgevoerd worden.
  3. Een deelnemer mag niet ingeschreven worden op een examenonderdeel dat gepland is in het verleden.

What's needed?
  1. Support: If you have any questions, please contact our support department at 088-4488555, or Certwell.
  2. Please note that the following fields are mandatory and must be completed in the personal file, otherwise the data will not be transferred to the C-Register.
    1. Date of birth
    2. Birthplace
    3. Country of birth (free field)
    4. Private address, postal code and city.
    5. Surname
    6. Initials

  1. Set up and enable connection in Service Center Coachview.
  2. Create a course definition with at least one component. 
  3. The lesson form for this part must be Certwell type e-learning.
  4. Enter the exam code as the e-learning code.
  5. Create an action template with the data group 'Programme Part Implementation', and add it to the Course Definition.
  6. Create and plan a course using this Course Definition.
  7. Make sure that the planning (date & time) is not in the past.
  8. Make sure that the location where the exam takes place is planned.
  9. Register a participant and make sure that the action, created with the action template, is performed manually or automatically.

The integration will first be tested in the Coachview training environment ( We recommend to use a test Certwell environment if possible.

Create a test user in Coachview. Fill in surname, possible prefix, first name, initials, gender and e-mail address.


Set up a course definition in Coachview.Set up an action template for signing up and giving access to an exam in Certwell.Set up and activate the link in Coachview via the service centre.Sending results back to Coachview.Most common reports.

Step-by-step plan.