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What's going on?
If a person signs up for a Coachview training with an e-learning component, the following automatic process will start:
  1. If the participant is not yet known in Ilias, it will be created (logged in) in the Ilias environment.
  2. The participant receives from Coachview an e-mail with login name, password and url to your Iliad environment via a set document template.
  3. The participant gets automatic access to the corresponding course in Ilias.
  4. When the course is finished, the result will be sent back to Coachview, and the attendance and success will be registered.
  5. If you remove the participant from the course, an automatic process ensures that the participant no longer has access to the course in Ilias. Attention: the participant will not be removed or deactivated in Ilias! If you want to remove a participant, you have to do this yourself through Ilias.

What's it gonna take?
  1. Iliad version: Version 5.1
  2. Results: *is being worked on*
  3. Support: if you have any questions, please contact our support department 088-4488555, or your Ilias supplier.

How to?
At the bottom of this page you will find what needs to be set, go through all the instructions step by step. We start below with explaining which data of the personal file from Coachview is filled in in Ilias. A number of fields can be set via the Service Center. Do you use diacrites in Coachview, letters with a writing character above, below or by a letter to indicate the pronunciation? Then these will not be accepted by Ilias in the username. This also applies if you have accidentally added a space in the first or last name. Coachview automatically ensures that these are filtered out.

Personal data in Coachview
First nameFirstname
Last name (please note, insertions are not included because Ilias does not have a field for this)
Zip codeZipcode
Date of birthBirthday
Phone number Private / Mobile / Direct(respectievelijk) PhoneHome / PhoneMobile / PhoneOffice
Email addressEmail
ExternId of PersonId

Note: If there are already users in Ilias, it is important that they have the same ID value there as in Coachview. This is because both systems can then 'communicate' with 1 ID about the same person, otherwise miscommunication will occur and for example a second person will be created with the same values.


If you set up the link later while you are already live with Coachview, we advise you to first test the link in the Coachview training environment ( Consider if you want to use a test environment of Ilias as well. If so, please contact your Ilias partner.


Create a test user in Coachview (or use an existing person from Coachview), fill in the person fields above. Use an e-mail address to which you have access, so you can open the e-mail with login name, password and url. You can then check if this e-mail is displayed correctly in your house style, and you can check if you can log in and start the course in Ilias.

Set up a document template to send the login details by e-mail from Coachview.

Set up two action templates:

1. To register and give access to a course in Ilias.

2. To cancel the access to the course in Ilias.

Set up a Course definition in Coachview.Setting up Ilias.

Please contact your Ilias partner.

Set up and activate the link in Coachview via the service center.
Sending results back to Coachview.


The most common reports.

Unfortunately, there are currently no common reports known.