Lifelong learning is necessary to acquire and maintain the right skills and competences. The fact that a participant has successfully completed a course or part of a course and therefore earns PE points can be automatically registered in PE Online. As a trainer, you must have signed a contract with Xaurum, the company that offers PE Online. The number of PE points to be earned can be arranged via PE Online and not via the balance function of Coachview. If you have set up PE Online, you can use the following steps from Coachview to ensure that a participant is registered in PE Online.

That's how you do it: 

  1. PE Online login details in the Coachview parameters | That's how you do it!
  2. Set up a free field for each registration number at personal level. | That's how you do it!
  3. Set up an action template to automate the registration process | That's how you do it!
  4. Organize the right mapping between a Coachview course and a Course in PE Online. | Read more!
  5. Most common messages | Read more!

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