Automatically update your companies and persons via the web services of AFAS Hrm. Wrong data in Coachview are past, because you are completely in sync.

What's going on?

The connection to AFAS is controlled using a connector, using standard fields in AFAS. During the links, new company and/or personal files are created or existing ones are changed.

What's needed?
  1. Connector Coachview.
  2. Saas version AFAS Hrm.


The link will first be tested in the training environment of Coachview. (

In order to realize the link, the following data are required from AFAS:

1.UserIDName of the Profit User
2.EnvironmentkeyKey of the app connector
3.ApiKeyAPI key of the app connector.
4.Environment number / participant number
5.Create user in AFAS with rights to the connector and add the e-mail address of Coachview.

Based on this data, an activation code and then a token must be requested.

Set up and activate the link in Coachview via the service center.

Fill in the received activation code and token.


Here you will find an overview of the fields that are included in the connector and that you can import into Coachview.