If you want to know how visitors navigate your portal, or which courses are best viewed but not purchased, then Google Analytics can be a solution. By installing this tracker on your training portal, you immediately get more insight into who your visitors are and how they navigate through your training offering.

Note: installation of the training portal must be carried out by our support department. Create a ticket for this. Indicate which training portal this applies to and which of the 2 methods below you want to implement. Indicate which pages of the training portal should be measured. Would you like more information? Please indicate this in the ticket.

Do you want to add other tags of third parties, such as Hotjar, Linkedin advertising, Facebook advertising, Google ads etc.? Mention this in the ticket.

Installing Google analytics can be done in 2 ways:
  1. By installing the Google analytics tacking ID. The advantages of this are that it is relatively easy and requires little effort. However, do you want to connect other tools in the future? Then option 2 is obvious.
  2. Installation via Google Tagmanager: You also need to install a piece of code on your website, but from that moment on you can always connect or remove new tools, without having to log into the back of the portal. We recommend this option, as you always have control over what you do and don't install.