This manual describes how to manage the training portal from Coachview.

Since the new release of December 2014, the use of an automatic action template, linked to a type of training, is no longer necessary and the creation of a training portal user from has become easier. In the work instructions you can read how the account for a participant, manager or contact person on the training portal can be created from

Furthermore, you will find information about composing and sorting the selection menu on the training portal.

If you have more than one training portal, you can use company and personal categories to determine which training portal(s) the training portal user can access.

In order to do this, you must have the 'Training Portal' function in the 'Administration' function group at your disposal.

Are you missing this position? Please contact our helpdesk.

Do you want the role of manager, for example, to be maintained automatically?

1. If the user is added to one or more employees as a manager in manually or via a periodic import, this user is automatically assigned the role of manager in the training portal.

2. If the user is deleted from for the last employee as a manager (i.e. there are no more managers for any employee), the role of manager in the training portal is automatically deleted.

Then you can read here how to set this up.