On the 'Offer' page on your education portal, your customers can see which courses you offer. This page is open to everyone, so you only want to show your open offer on it.

The menu consists of 2 levels:

  1. The highest level is the course definition

    Under each category there are one or more types of course definition.

If you click on a course definition, you will see the details page with an overview of all planned courses.From Coachview you can manage which categories and types are shown in the menu and which courses are shown on the detail page.
How do I do that?
Managing your open offer is done on 3 levels, namely:
  1. Course definition category
  2. Course definition
  3. Course
The easiest thing is to start with the types of course definition. On the general tab of the course definition you can indicate whether and on which education portal you want to show this type. You also have to indicate under which category(s) you want to show this type in the menu.
Once you have set this up, click on a category to go to the settings of this category. You will also need to specify that the category should be shown on the portal (in the menu):

By publishing the desired course definition categories and course definition, you build up your menu as it were.

Finally, you have to indicate per course whether you want to show it on the portal, by checking the box next to 'publish website/portal'.

Why aren't all training courses automatically shown on the portal? Because you may also be giving an in-company course and do not want to be able to register as an open offer. Or maybe you don't want to show courses that are full anymore on the portal.

N.B.: for both the course definition and the type category, you will also see check marks for publication on the website. These ticks have no function on the education portal, but manage access to the web services.

What am I supposed to look out for?
If you do not have the possibility to set up a publication education portal, your education portal is not yet linked to your (live) environment. Please check with your implementer or the helpdesk.

Do you work a lot with in-company training courses, where you would like the client to register participants himself? Then take a look at the possibilities of target groups.