With a sales rule, it can happen that several price agreements work as a so-called 'and' - 'and' construction. This means that several different price agreements are met.

Two price agreements have been added to the sales ruled:
  1. A fixed price specific to the company 'Coachview E-Learning / Webinar'.
  2. 10% discount for companies with business category '10%'.

The company 'Coachview E-Learning / Webinar' has business category '10%'.
The following happens if one or more participants of company 'Coachview E-Learning / Webinar' be enrolled in the training. An application is made automatically. Two sales rules are automatically added to this application:
  1. Participation fee is not € 125.-- but € 95.--.
  2. However, the discount is calculated on the normal costs of € 125.-- en  niet op € 95.--!

So the amount that will be invoiced is € 82.50.