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With the help of the web service 'AddWebRequestV2' the sending of the registration form with correct participant and training information to Coachview is arranged. Think of the details of the company (visiting address, invoice details), contact person and of the participants. The registration comes in as a web request. This track question must be processed manually by the back office or automatically by Coachview.

The choice of processing the web request in Coachview consists of:
  1. Place the participants on the waiting list (not yet enrolled in the training).
  2. The participants register directly in the training.
  3. Cancel the web request, nothing more will be done with it.

Providing the course definition is mandatory. A course does not have to be given. The course must be made in Coachview with the type of training to be given, or a variant thereof.
  1. course definition known, course not known: participant(s) only to be placed on the waiting list.
  2. course definition known, course known: place participant(s) on the waiting list or register directly in the course.

Explanations about the web services can be found in the presentation below.

On this link you will also find an example of a registration form with the fields you call up in the webservices:

  1. Form without web service explanation:
  2. Form with web service explanation:

Explanation webservice 'AddWebRequestV2':
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