Checklist Livestorm webinar.
Having trouble following our webinar? Please read the following carefully.

Technical requirements:
  1. Use a modern browser. Click here to see which ones are available. Are they not available? Please use the 'compatibility mode'.
  2. Ensure a minimum Internet speed of 5 MB/s. Test your internet connection here.
  3. Provide a minimum screen size of 1280 pixels. Most computer monitors, laptops, tablets or phones comply with this requirement.
  4. Do not view our webinar on a protected network with a limited firewall. Is this the case? Then use the 'compatibility mode

Can't log in? Solution checklist.
  1. Refresh your browser (F5).
  2. Use Google Chrome as your browser.
  3. Make sure that one of your colleagues does not try to join under your registration.
  4. Make sure that you have already entered the webinar via another tab or browser.
  5. Did you start the webinar and see a 'loading circle' but you can't enter the webroom?
    1. Then turn off the firewall of your network.
    2. Then use a mobile 4g network.

Are you already present at the webinar, but having problems with the audio or video?
  1. Click on the 'help' button.
  2. Activate 'compability mode'.
Isn't the image sharp?
The sharpness of the image depends on the internet speed and stability of the network you are using. Make sure you have a fast internet connection. Always try to establish a wired connection and try to avoid WIFI.

Do you have an echo?
Make sure you use headphones or earphones.