Introduction: testing
A check to test whether an e-mail from our course administration software is going to arrive properly is desirable and sensible.
You can test the configuration yourself, by sending an e-mail in Coachview with the domain name as the sender to the e-mail address that is generated on the site below.
  1. Open Coachview
  2. Open the website
  3. Make sure in Coachview that you generate a document that you send manually via e-mail.
  4. In this document, click on the e-mail icon
  5. On the DKIM Test website, click on the button 'Next Step' to generate a test e-mail address.
  6. Copy this e-mail address in the to and click 'Send' to send the e-mail to the DKIM Test website.
  7. In this website you will immediately get the result back.
  8. You can then see in a report whether DKIM is set correctly.
    Testing via: