If the training continues, Coachview must prepare one action, so that the attendance list is made 2 working days before the start of the training. The contact person of the training will be the owner of the action.

How do you do that?

It takes two steps:

Set up the action template:

Click on the function group 'Template' and the function 'Action template'.

Click on the 'New' button in the search screen and fill in the following data:


'Create attendance list [Opleiding:Naam]'.

When the action is created, the name of the training is placed in the name of the action.


Leave it on 'Manual'.

Select the 'Show advanced options' option. This will display additional data.

Data group:

Select 'Training'.


Don't fill anything out.


Select the option 'Training status has changed from start to final'.

Start and end date:

Fill in 2 working days before training starts.


Don't fill anything out.

Linking start and end dates:

Click it.

If this option is ticked then in the action template you create with this action, the start and end date will be linked.

You have indicated in the action template that the start date is 2 weeks before start date and the end date 1 week before end date. In the action the start date is set on November 1st and the end date on November 7th. If you open the action and change one of these two dates, the other date is automatically moved up. If you move the start date to November 7, the end date is automatically moved to November 14.

Create action:

Leave the option 'Always'.

Rights to read and write:

Don't enter anything.

Show action at:

Do not select an option.

User is owner:

Do not select.

Standard owner:

Don't fill in, if you fill in the contact person at the training it will become the owner of the action.

Document templates:

Select the document template to create the attendance list.

If you print the attendance list, or make it into a PDF, the action is automatically completed for you.


Leave it on Normal.


If you want to make clear to the owner of the action what the purpose of this action is, you can use the description to do so.


Don't tick.

Klik op 'Opslaan' of 'Opslaan & Terug' om het actiesjabloon aan te maken.

Voer de actie zelf uit:

Select a course via function group 'Search' and function 'Course'.
  • You can type the code or part of the name in the menu and click on enter or 
  • Click on the magnifying glass to open the training search screen. Find the study programme and open it by clicking on its name.

Click on the tab 'General'.

Click on the 'Edit' button and select from the list 'Course status: Definitive'.

The action is created, click on the 'Actions' tab to check.

A: the starting date of the training is 18 August 2017, so the start and end date of the action is 16 August 2017.

B: the contact person of the training will be the owner of the action.

C: Execution is on 'Manual' so you have to make and print the attendance list.

If, via the 'Documents' tab, the attendance list is created using the document template that is linked to the action template and printed, then the action is automatically completed. If you don't have a document template linked to the action template, the contact person has to complete the action himself.