The quotation has been sent and an action has to be prepared so that Remy Remery knows that in 10 days' time a call must be made to the contact person for the request. The contact person of the request is the one who received the offer. Remy works in the sales department, colleagues from other departments are not allowed to see, create or edit the action.

How do you do that?

It takes two steps:

Set up the action template:

Click on the menu 'Template' and menu item 'Action template'.

Click on the 'New' button in the search screen and fill in the following details:


‘Follow up an offer: [Aanvraag:AanvraagNr][Bedrijf:Naam],[Contactpersoon:NaamVolledig]’.

When the action is created, the request number, the name of the company and the name of the contact person will be placed in the name of the action.


Leave it on 'Manual'.

Select the 'Show advanced options' option. This will display additional data.

Data group:
Select 'Request'.

Don't fill anything out.

Don't fill anything out.

Start and end date:
10 working days after creation date.

Don't fill anything out.

Linking start and end dates:

Check it.

If this option is selected then in the action template that you create with this action, the start and end date will be linked together.

For example:
You have indicated in the action template that the start date is 2 weeks before start date and the end date 1 week before end date. In the action, the start date will be set on 1 November and the end date on 7 November. Open the action and If you change one of these two dates, the other date automatically moves up. So move the start date to 7. November, then the end date is automatically postponed to November 14.

Create action:
Leave the option 'Always'.

Rights to read and write:
Select the user role 'Sales'.

Note: the user role 'Sales' must be created and assigned to those Coachview users who are allowed to see and edit the action.

Show action at:
Select the options 'Company' and 'Person (Contact)'. You will now see the action at the company and at the contact person of the application. In our example this is InnoPhase and Peter Giezen.

User is owner:
Do not select.

Standard owner:
Don't fill in, the owner of the action will decide when the action is created with the request.

Document templates:
No selection, no e-mail needs to be sent or a document needs to be printed.

Leave it on Normal.


If you want to make clear to the owner of the action what the purpose of this action is, you can use the description to do so.

Do nog select.

Click 'Save' or 'Save & Back' to create the action template.

Make the request with the action:

Select a request via 'Search' menu and 'Request' menu item.
  • You can type in the request number in the menu and click on enter or
  • You click on the magnifying glass to open the search screen with requests. Search for your request and open it by clicking on click the number.

Click on the 'Actions' tab.

Click on the 'New' button and check the action template.
Click on the 'Add' button

The action opens in edit mode.
Check and, if desired, change the start and end date.

Use the magnifying glass to select 'remy.remery' as the owner user.
You can only select active Coachview users here.

If desired, you can add comments.
Click 'Ctrl-Enter' in the comments field to insert date, time and your username.

Click on 'Save'.