With the help of price agreements you register deviating price agreements and discounts for individuals and/or companies.

This is important to know:
  1. Pricing agreements you fix per sales line added to a type of course definition.
  2. There are three types of price agreements: discount (€ or %), surcharge (€ or %) or fixed price (€).
  3. The following conditions are adjustable: 
    1. specific companies or 
    2. persons or
    3. specific categories of persons or
    4. specific company categories.
    5. the request date of the period. For example, you can indicate that a price agreement may only be used if someone enrols in December for a course that takes place in March, while the price is increased by an X amount as of January.
  4. If you copy a course definition, the sales rules with all the associated price agreements will also be copied.
  5. Do you, or one of your colleagues, have the 'sales & invoicing' module? Then you can use a separate user role  the creation and management of price agreements assigning to various users. Don't you want to create a new role? Then you can add the 'Pricing (Write)' function to another user role.

This is not possible:
  1. Price agreements are not recorded in a company or personal file..
  2. Price agreements cannot be fixed at a task template.
  3. Price agreements cannot be fixed or changed when a sales line is added to a request.
  4. Integration with the Coachview training portal (opleidingsportaal) is not yet possible.


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