If you have questions or need help and you have a Coachview user account in your name, you can use our Coachview integrated support system. In the top bar you will find three buttons.

Knowledge base:
If you click on the button 'Knowledge Base' you will find all kinds of articles that will help you in setting up and using Coachview. First of all, you will find the start page divided into topics. Each topic is divided into one or more blocks. Click on a block? Then it will also be divided into one or more super topics. If you click on a super topic, you will find the articles that provide the information you are looking for.

On the top right you can search with the help of a command.By the way, you do not need to have a Coachview user account to use our knowledge base.

New ticket:
Click on 'New ticket' to shoot a ticket. This will immediately pass on your question or comment.
  1. Fill in the subject of your question.
  2. Ask your question or give your comment.
  3. Make a printout of the screen and add it.
  4. Add an appendix.
  5. You can also look for help on our knowledge base.
  6. Send your ticket to our support department.
  7. Close the screen.

The status of your notification (ticket) can then be found using the 'Knowledge Base' button. This will take you to our knowledge base. The tab 'Tickets' gives you an overview of the tickets you have created and our answers.
  1. Overview of tickets that are open or pending. Click on 'Outstanding or pending' to also see tickets with status 'All' or 'Solved or closed'.
  2. Create a new ticket.
  3. Export your tickets to a CSV (notepad) or Excel file.
  4. Would you like to chat with one of our employees? Fill in your question here.
If you have a question that really can't wait, our support department will be happy to help you by phone (088-4488555).

This brings you to our training portal and allows you to sign up for one or more e-learnings and workshops. You can also make an appointment with one of our consultants.