The in-company training (customised training).

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There is a difference in the route you take when administering an in-company training course and an open registration.

An in-company or tailor-made training, specifically for a particular client, starts with the application.

We will show you the route in this video (1:08).

The route:

  1. In-company or customised training starts with the type of training, the heart of Coachview. This is a template for an application, in which you have determined the price and the form of your course.
  2. You can use this course definition to make an application. You determine the debtor and change the price according to your needs.
  3. If you add one or more persons, anonymously or by name, then one training question per person will be created. These persons are now on the waiting list.
  4. You can send the quotation from the request.
  5. Will the quotation become an order? Then you create the training via the request. The persons are automatically registered and removed from the waiting list. The training can now be planned and processed.

Don't forget! The training, the training question and the request are all made and designed with the help of the course definition.