The open registration.
Beginner Ervaren Expert

We show you the route in this video (1:01).

The route:
  1. An open registration starts with the course definition, the heart of Coachview. This is a template for a course, in which you have defined the form of your course.
  2. With the help of the course definition you create, plan and publish the course. It is now waiting for registrations.
  3. Will there be an enrollment? Then you create a company and/or personal file to record the registration details.
  4. If you register the person in the course, Coachview will create a course request. A connection between the person and the course.
  5. An application will also be made, stating the costs to be paid by the participant.

Don't forget! Both the course, the training request and the request are made and designed using the course definition.