What can I do with it?
This reference work provides information about the operation of the material module and is intended primarily for the advanced user.


In this manual (you can download it at the bottom).

Chapter 3 Fixtures.

Chapter 3 shows how to set up materials, utensils or consumables and how to link them to a type of training.

You will also find out how to increase or decrease the number and how to set the minimum order quantity and order quantity of a consumable.

Chapter 4 Implementation.

How to manually add articles to a course.

What kind of information can I find with a user or consumable.

Chapter 5 Material parts list.

With this function you can display and export a bill of materials per set period to MS-Excel.

Chapter 6 Expand start page.

On the start screen you can see the panel 'Material minimum order level reached'.

This panel shows which consumables have reached the minimum order level.