UBL (Universal Business Language) is a standard for electronic invoicing (eInvoicing) developed by OASIS. UBL version 2.0 has been chosen by the Dutch and Belgian governments as the standard format for eInvoicing. Invoices are sent and read digitally. This gives you 100% certainty that the invoice data are automatically and error-free processed in the accounting system. eInvoicing means that in addition to a PDF version of the invoice, an XML file in UBL format is also sent. Are you going to finalize and send an invoice? Then Coachview has now chosen to send two attachments. This is the invoice as a pdf and the invoice as an XML file. An automatic link with various existing platforms is under investigation. Each platform has its own requirements.

Whether or not to include a UBL file:

Do you only want to send the pdf attachment and not the UBL file? Then you can disable this in the following way:

  1. In the 'Service center' menu, click on the 'Options' menu item.
  2. Go to the 'Send/Print Invoice' panel.
  3. Uncheck the option 'Send UBL invoice attachment'.

During the invoicing process you can also determine whether the XML file needs to be sent along.
  1. Choose 'finalize and send'.
  2. Choose 'E-mail'.
  3. Whether a UBL attachment should be added depends on the setting in 'options'. Check means submit, uncheck means do not submit
Via 'options' and 'Own company data' panel you can set the following data for your company of choice. These will be included in the UBL XML file when they are filled in.

Download UBL content as XML file:
There are two possibilities to download the XML file of an invoice yourself.
Method 1:
  1. Open the invoice.
  2. Go to tab 'General'.
  3. And click on 'download'.
  4. The XML file is prepared on your PC in the download directory.

Method 2:
  1. Click in menu 'Financial' on menu item 'Invoice.
  2. Click on the wheel under the list of invoices.
  3. Add column 'UBL invoice'.
  4. Click on 'download UBL'.
  5. The XML file is prepared on your PC in the download directory.