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With the help of the module 'Teacher and location planning' you can create a link with the following external agendas. By subscribing to the internet agenda of Coachview, the course planning becomes visible in your own agenda. Changes in the Coachview course planning are automatically implemented in this agenda. With the following external agendas you can create a link:


Synchronization period

Outlook 2007Automatic every 2 hours as standard
Outlook 2010Automatic every 2 hours as standard
Outlook 2012/2013Automatic every 2 hours as standard
Outlook 2016Automatic every 2 hours as standard
Outlook 365Automatic every 2 hours as standard
Google agendaNot known
iPad/iPhone/iMacEvery time you open the iCal app again

  1. You can only send training appointments from Coachview to your calendar. If you make a new appointment in your agenda, it will not be placed in Coachview.
  2. You cannot change the training appointments in your calendar, you can only read them.
  3. The course part will be shown as an appointment in your agenda.
  4. You will see the following information about the course unit in your agenda:
    • Code of the course part
    • Name of the course part
    • Date, time and time from.
    • Location.
    • Teacher(s).
    • Training status.
  5. Non-availability definitions are not shown in your calendar.
  6. Cancelled courses are not shown in your calendar. Any course appointments that have already been shown and for which the course is cancelled will be removed from your calendar.
  7. All programs 2 weeks in the past (from the date on which the link is realized) and all programs in the future will be shown in your agenda.


Make a general, instructor and/or participant internet agenda.
Link Coachview internet calendar to Outlook.
Link Coachview internet agenda to Google agenda.
Connect Coachview internet calendar to iPad/iPhone.
Link Coachview internet calendar to iMac
List of internet calendars, editing and deleting an internet calender.