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Use a cost center in your accounting to group a specific cost type or multiple cost types.

How do you do that?

By default, one cost centre is supplied with the code 'Intern'. You can add, change or remove cost centres yourself.

If you do not use cost centres, you must leave the cost centre 'Intern'. It is mandatory to fill in a cost centre in case of a sales or purchase rule.

What do you have to look out for?
Is Coachview linked to your accounting system? Then the codes of the cost centres in your accounting system must match the codes in Coachview. Below you can see an example.
Where do you use a cost centre?
A cost centre is used for a sales and purchase rule.
  • Determine your sales: the sales rule is used to determine the price and possible discounts for a particular course. The sales rule is converted into an invoicing rule when you invoice.
  • Determine your costs: the purchase rule is used to determine your costs that need to be made for a course. Purchase rules are grouped per creditor into a purchase order.

Defining cost centers:

You do this with the help of the function group 'Financial' and the function 'Cost centre'.

Fill in the following details:

Field nameDescriptionMandatory?


Fill in a short code.

Note: if Coachview is linked to your accounting system then the cost centers must match.

DescriptionExplanation of the cost centre.Yes

Click on 'Save' or 'Save & Back' to save the cost centre.

Click on 'Edit' and 'Delete' to delete it. Can't do this because it has already been used? Check 'Inactive'.