Accountview offers possibilities to process data from Coachview. It concerns the debtor master data that are entered and updated in Coachview, and sales invoices that have to be entered in the accounts.
What's happening?

In Coachview the invoices are made and sent. Of debtors that are 'born' in Coachview, that do not yet exist in Accountview, new master data will be created automatically. In addition, you determine whether the data of an existing debtor can be overwritten. The invoice lines are automatically written as journal entries to general ledger and/or cost centre. This is made possible by the COM Talk modules. These are developed by Account Software (read more here). Before the physical import takes place, a check is carried out on supplied data, such as the existence of a general ledger account number or VAT code, but also whether a debtor name has been given. The data is then imported into the chosen AccountView administration. If several files are ready for import, they can be imported simultaneously. Receive all your debtors and invoices in the correct COM-Talk format via FTP(s). The file is in XML or CSV format and is imported periodically into AccountView.

COM Talk can be used in combination with all AccountView versions; Solo, Team and Business. For this link the AccountView module COM Client Access License is used. The modules can be used from version FvF (v10).

  1. A maximum of 1 bookkeeping can be linked to Coachview.
  2. The invoice is sent from Coachivew.
  3. It is wise to import the debtors in Accountview, which do not yet exist in Coachview but are necessary, as companies and/or persons.
What's needed?
  1. FTP software to download the Coachview import files.
  2. A list of VAT codes and names used in Accountview.
  3. A list of general ledger account numbers and names used for VAT rates, trainings, courses, workshops etc. in Accountview.
  4. A list of cost centers and names used for trainings, courses, workshops etc. in Accountview. Note: this is not mandatory.
  5. COM-talk Module Account Software from version FvF (v10).

Fill in a questionnaire and keep it handy. You will need the answers in order to go through a number of steps, which are necessary to make the link, and ensure that Coachview is set up correctly.

The questionnaire (Coachview checklist link Accountview 072017.docx) can be downloaded as a document at the bottom of this article.


The link will first be tested in the training environment of Coachview. ( Are there already invoices in Coachview and do they no longer need to be exported to Accountview? Then read here how you do it.

Create a test administration in Accountview that reflects the live administration. Fill in the obtained (test) administration number on the questionnaire..You.
In Coachview the cost centers, general ledger accounts and VAT rates need to be adopted or adjusted. These must correspond with Accountview.
Set up and activate the link in Coachview via the service center.

Keep the questionnaire!