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Yuki offers possibilities to process data from Coachview. It concerns the debtor master data that are entered and updated in Coachview, and invoices that need to be entered into the accounting system. Turn the debtors registered in Coachview into customer relationships automatically in Yuki. Automatically convert your invoices into sales entries, including the general ledger account, cost centre and VAT.

What's going on?
In Coachview the invoices are created and sent. Of debtors who are 'born' in Coachview, and therefore do not exist in Yuki, new master data are automatically created. The invoice lines are automatically written as journal entries to general ledger and/or cost centre. You decide whether the invoice is processed or sent automatically or manually in Yuki.

  1. A maximum of 1 bookkeeping in Yuki can be linked to Coachview.
  2. It is wise to import the debtors in Yuki, which do not yet exist in Coachview but are necessary, as companies and/or persons.

What's it gonna take?
  1. An available version for the region Netherlands/Belgium.
  2. A list of VAT codes and names used in Yuki.
  3. A list of general ledger account numbers and names used for VAT rates, trainings, courses, workshops etc. in Yuki.
  4. A list with cost centers and names used for trainings, courses, workshops etc. in Yuki. Please note: this is not mandatory.
  5. Administration number of the desired accounting in Yuki and a unique AccessKey for the relevant user. This can of course always be requested from Yuki.


The link will first be tested in the training environment of Coachview ( Are there already invoices in Coachview and don't they need to be exported to Yuki anymore? Then read here how to do that. Create a test administration in Yuki that reflects the live administration.
In Coachview the VAT rates need to be adopted or adjusted. These have to correspond with Yuki.In Coachview the general ledger accounts need to be copied or adjusted. These have to correspond with Yuki.In Coachview the cost centers have to be taken over or adjusted. These have to correspond with Yuki.
Set up and activate the link in Coachview via the service center.
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