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How do I modify an account?

With the article below you can customize an account:

How do I get better at using Coachview?

Coachview can be quite a complex program. That's why we offer free workshops and e-learnings to train our users. You can register for these trainings through our education portal: 

Where can I find the roadmap of Coachview?

Our roadmap can be found here! 

How do I change the colors of my Coachview environment?

You can adjust the colors of Coachview by going to User Settings by pressing the cogwheel in the upper right corner. When displayed, you can then choose from three themes The advantage of this is that you make a clear distinction between your live and training environment. This re...

How can I reach the helpdesk?

Don't have a very urgent question and want to contact the helpdesk? If so, the best way to contact us is to create a ticket or send an e-mail to the helpdesk at Do you really have a huge problem, which makes it impossible for you to continue? If so, our support staff ...

Can a username be changed?

No, a username cannot be changed. Once the user name has been created, it can no longer be changed. If a new employee wants to take over an account, a new account can be created with the same roles. The old account can be deactivated. 

How do I create a hyperlink?

You can place a hyperlink using an HTML code. This can be placed in the description of a course definition for the education portal, for example. You can copy the text below and use the blue part for the actual URL you want to place in the description and replace the orange text with the text y...

What is the url of Coachview's training environment?

Url of the training environment: You can login to the training environment with the same login name or e-mail address as in the live environment of Coachview. The password can be different, you can set this yourself.