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Course, Training question, Course definitions

How do I create a course?

The creation of a training course is described in detail in the following knowledge base article: 

Why is my participant field empty?

The person may have been removed: If you go to the sections and then click on the person and then on the training question you will see the application and training question that were linked to this application.  If you click on the training request, you will see that the person has been...

Can I remove a sales line from a course definition?

It is not possible to remove a sales line from a course definition if a request has already been created with the course type. However, the sales line can be set to inactive. The sales line will then no longer be created with new requests for the course definition.

Delete or deactivate courses

A course cannot be deleted or deactivated in Coachview. The status can be changed to 'cancelled' or 'completed'. Don't forget to set your actions to completed in the course!  Finish: You can do this at any time. Cancel: This is only possible if there are no par...

How can I write to the people on the waiting list?

The persons who have a training question on the waiting list can easily be contacted via a mailing. Menu - Module(s) - Mailing - New - select data group 'training question' and choose a desired template. Click on 'save'. On the tab 'Recipients' of the mailing you ...

How do I change the minimum and maximum number of participants for a course definition

The minimum and maximum number of participants can only be changed per (specific) definition part of a course definition

How can I restore and register an expired training question?

An expired training question can be restored in the personal file: - Go to the personal file - Click on the training questions tab - Click on 'Show training criteria'.  - Adjust status to 'expired' or 'all'. - Click on 'search', the expired trainin...

Can I still delete the dates, teacher or location of a cancelled course?

For a course with the status cancelled, you can no longer delete the dates, teacher or location. You can no longer edit a cancelled course on the 'parts' tab. You can still edit free fields, evaluations, documents and actions for a cancelled course