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Integrate Coachview with Ilias (e-learning)

Integrate Coachview with Ilias (e-learning)
Integration with Ilias: introduction and step-by-step plan

Introduction. Experienced Expert What's going on? If a person signs up for a Coachview training with an e-learning component, the following automatic process will start: If the participant is not yet known in Ilias, it will be created (logged in) in the Ilias environment. The partic...

Integration with Ilias: set up Coachview and activate the connection via the service center.

Introduction. Ervaren Expert A number of parameters need to be set in Coachview in order for the Integration with Ilias to take place correctly. This can be arranged via the service center. If you do not have access to the service center or if you do not know exactly what to fill in, ple...