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Maintain scheduling status for instructor and/or location

Register whether the teacher has approved his or her schedule.
Planning status of teacher and location: introduction and step-by-step plan.

Introduction. Why? If you plan your programmes far ahead and plan teachers and/or locations optionally, you can keep track in Coachview of whether a teacher/location has agreed to the planning. You can keep track of this planning status for each part (hour, part of the day or day) that you ...

Planning status: registration per course and parts.

Course. For each course, you decide whether the planned trainres will be able to agree or disagree. Once you have opened the course, you can do this by turning the 'Publication schedule' option on or off in the 'General' tab. This option is disabled by default for new course...

Planning status: search option in different screens.

Search screens. In the following search screens you can search on the planning status of a trainer and/or location: Course Course part Trainer file, tab 'Parts'. Location file, tab 'Parts'.

Planning status: overview of trainers who do not agree with the planning on the start screen.

Start screen. On the start screen (personal coach) you can add a panel in which you can immediately see which trainer did not give approval for which part. You can therefore monitor the 'non-agreement' responses obtained, with regard to all current courses (status 'to be started...