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Integrate Coachview with Yuki

Yuki offers possibilities to process financial data from Coachview. Start with the introduction and learn how to do this in a number of steps.
Integration Yuki: Introduction and step by step plan

Introduction Experienced Expert Why? Yuki offers possibilities to process data from Coachview. It concerns the debtor master data that are entered and updated in Coachview, and invoices that need to be entered into the accounting system. Turn the debtors registered in Coachview into custome...

Integration Yuki: set up service center and activate integration.

As you have read in the introduction, from the Coachview invoices sales entries (in the sales diary including general ledger account, cost centre and VAT) are automatically made in Yuki. The debtors of Coachview are automatically created as a customer relationship in Yuki's that do not yet ...

Integration Yuki: payment registration.

Payment registration. Has the integration been made? Then every night you can tell Coachview if the invoice has been paid. In Yuki the invoice is considered as paid when it has been matched and the outstanding amount is € 0,-- or the difference has been reversed on payment difference (rounding d...