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How to make, schedule and find a course.

Get acquainted with a number of basic tasks and principles that will help you to administer your courses, workshops and master classes in Coachview. Create a programme (implementation) with the help of a programme type (blueprint from the range). Plan the programme in date and time.
Create the course.

Introduction How to create a course (execution) using a course type (blueprint from the range of courses). Once the lesson dates, trainers and locations are known, it is time to create and plan a course in Coachview. You use a course definition to create a course. Suppose that the course &#...

Plan the course.

Introduction Plan the course through the schedule, the components. You determine the date, time from and to, the trainer(s) and the room (location) for each component. You can also change the name of a component. See how to do this using this video (4:15): This is how you do it in ...

Check the planning.

Introduction If you have planned a course, you can check it for planning problems. Using the 'Check planning' button, you can check whether the planned training has any planning conflicts that need to be resolved. Think of double-booking a trainer, location or a participant, or th...

Create the course category.

Introduction Is it interesting to divide the courses into groups? Then you can make use of the course categories. Handy to quickly find certain courses, participants who have followed a certain course or quotations/assignments. Categories are also useful for obtaining the right management i...

The status of a course.

Introduction A course can have different statuses. Each status is explained in several steps. In several search screens you can search on status 'Running'. This is not a real status, but the statuses 'Started', 'Definitive' and 'Executed' are summari...

Find an course.

Introduction Don't feel like wrestling page by page through the list of courses to finally find that your course is on the last page?! Look no further, read how it should be done here. This is how you do it in 19 steps using these work instructions: