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Special task: import registrations via webrequests.

This article briefly describes the possibilities and use of importing web questions via a csv file in Coachview.
Introduction and important conditions.

. Introduction. If you don't have a connection to your own website or if you don't use our education portal and the participants are provided by the training institute or your customer via a file, you can import them manually into Coachview. A training institute or client provides a ...

How do I fill the CSV import file.

Introduction. This article describes which data you can use to fill in the columns and lines of the CSV import file to process registrations via web questions. Not all data is mandatory. Fill in only those details that are important to you. As an example you will find two example files at the bo...

Read the file via a special task.

Introduction. If you have received a CSV import file and it is sufficient, you can read it using a special task. This is how you do it: