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Sales & Invoicing: execution.

Sales & Invoicing: the request.

The application is the spider in the web in terms of sales and invoicing. Making an offer, order or invoice is done with the help of a request. In the request, you determine the type of training, the debtor, the participants and you determine the price by means of rules of sale. You make quotat...

Sales & Invoicing: VAT rate change

Introductie. Why? VAT is the tax you pay on your turnover. You calculate the VAT in the price for your services. You file a tax return per month, quarter or year and pay the VAT. You can deduct VAT that you have paid yourself on business costs. But how do you deal with VAT changes? In the...

Sales & Invoicing: recalculation of the request

Introduction. Why? It can happen that the conditions of a request change and that the request has to be recalculated. How do i see that? You can see that in different ways: Did you open the request? Then you will see in the tab 'General' the text in the panel 'Sales' co...