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Integrate Coachview with Springest

Springest is a comparison site for education, training and courses. Make sure that your desired course types and the corresponding courses are automatically updated in Springest.
Springest integration: Introduction.

Introductie: Why? Springest is one of the largest independent comparison sites for education, training and courses in the Netherlands. Their website, with around 200,000 unique visitors each month, contains more than 30,000 training courses from around 3,000 different providers. The Springe...

Publish Course definitions and courses.

In Coachview you set up the course definitions and courses. You indicate for each course definition whether you want to publish it on Springest. Once this has been done, you indicate for each programme whether you want to publish it on Springest. A course definition from Coachview is called...

Place (additional) data in Springest.

Additional data can also be placed in Springest. Once you have determined which data this is for your company, you can fill in these as free fields for a course definition and course in Coachview. With free fields you keep extra information that is not offered by by default. ...

Activate the integration with Springest.

Contact Coachview helpdesk to activate the link: Enter a ticket via 'new ticket' in your Coachview account.  via Enter the exact name of your account in Springest. Want to know more? Integration with Springest: introduction