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Quickly and easily plan a course by means of scheduling: introduction.

In Coachview, planning a course becomes a lot more pleasant because you can now schedule one or more parts of a course automatically. Determine, for example, on which day the course will be given and whether this day will be repeated daily, weekly or monthly. If you have a certain planning...

Determine the schedule in the course definition.

The scheduling starts with the course definition. Here you determine if and how to schedule and how Coachview should deal with conflicts such as double-booking of a teacher and/or location, holidays (general unavailability) and unavailability of a teacher and/or location.  Where do I do it?...

Use scheduling, plan your course faster and more pleasant.

Coachview makes planning a course a lot quicker and more pleasant, because you can now schedule two or more parts of a course automatically. In the type of training you define the planning pattern. This planning pattern is automatically taken into account when creating the programme. Adaptation...