If it is interesting to divide the course definitions, you can use course definition category groups and course definition categories. You can quickly find specific information in Coachview with the help of training category categories. Think of certain courses, participants who have followed a certain course or quotations/assignments. In addition, categories are useful for obtaining the right management information such as the number of training courses, clients, course participants, turnover and costs, attendance and success as a percentage, etc. Also, training categories of which the field 'publication website' is ticked can be used to design the selection menu on the training portal of Coachview.

You add a course definition category to a course definition category group.

You can create more than one course definition category. Only one type of course definiton can be added to one course definiton category group.

You can define a course definition category via the menu 'Category' and the menu item 'Course definition category'.
The search screen opens.

Click on the 'New' button to create a new course definition category.
  1. Name: give the category a short clear name. Note: the name must be unique, you will get a warning if the name already exists.
  2. Category group: select a course definition category group. Use the magnifying glass to open the group search screen and select and add a group. Did you select the wrong group? Then click on it and click on the cross to remove it. Does the group not yet exist? Click on the plus sign to create and add a group.
  3. Course definitions: Using the magnifying glass, you can add one or more course definitions. The other way around is also possible. If you have opened a course definition, you can add one or more course types here.
  4. Publication website: Would you also like to use this category as a search criterion or for example to compose the menu on your website? Then tick this option.
  5. Publication portal: is the category used to compose the menu on the Coachview training portal? Use the magnifying glass to select the name of the training portal or the names of different training portals. Select a course type and click on the cross (x) to remove it from the list.
  6. Colour planning module: are you using the planning module in Coachview? If so, you can add your own colour to training courses that are made with course definitions classified in this category.
  7. (in)active: the course definition category is used within Coachview and cannot be removed. You don't want to use it anymore, do you? Then tick 'Inactive'. The category will no longer be shown in the search screens. Do you want to reactivate this category? Search for inactive training categories in the list. Open the category and uncheck it.
Click 'Save & Back' to save the data and return to the search screen.

  1. Click on the name of the course definition category to change it.
  2. Click on 'Edit', you can now change the different data (see 'new' above).
  3. Click 'Save & Back' to create the group and return to the search screen.

Note: the name must be unique.

  1. Click 'Edit' and 'Delete' and 'OK'. 

Pay attention: Is the category still in use or is it still linked? Then deleting is not possible. You don't want to use it anymore, do you? Then tick 'Inactive'. The category will no longer be shown or can no longer be selected in the different search screens of Coachview.

Maintenance of the selected course definition categories:
Using the button 'Edit' you change one or more categories of education in bulk.
Select the course type categories you want to edit.
  1. Move the selected course definition categories to another course definition category group.
  2. Change the publication.
  3. Determine whether the selected course definition categories on inactive oractive be put.
Don't forget to click 'Save'.