It can happen that the conditions of a request change and that the request has to be recalculated.

How do i see that?
You can see that in different ways:
  1. Did you open the request? Then you will see in the tab 'General' the text in the panel 'Sales' completed with '(Warning To be recalculated').
  2. Did you open the course? Go to tab 'Requests'. If you have added the column 'To be recalculated', it is set to 'Yes'.
  3. In the search screen with requests, you can also search for requests that need to be recalculated. Click in the search screen on the button 'more...' and select 'Yes' under the option 'To be recalculated'. 

When do you recalculate?
  1. You change the amount of the sales line in the course definition by adjusting the number or the unit price. It makes no difference whether the sales line is also linked to the type component or not. This applies to the types 'Other' and 'PP'. In the case of 'PP Staffel', the check mark is placed when the graduated scale changes. Whether this has consequences for the price or not. You can only change the graduated scale (PP Staffel) by removing a graduated scale and creating a new one. So it is not possible to change a graduated scale.
  2. Adding a sales line to the course definition. This applies to all types ('Other', 'PP' and 'PP staffel (graduated)'). Attention: do you remove the sales line again immediately? Then the check mark will remain on.
  3. The reactivation of an 'inactive' Sales line in the Course definition.
  4. The inactivation of a Sales line in the course definition.
  5. Adding a participant question. Whether you do this by enrolling a participant directly at the Course or directly at the request. This only applies to sales lines when applying with type 'PP' or 'PP Staffel'. Please note: group participant questions when directly enrolling people from the same company, one request from that company must be marked 'yes' in the options.
  6. Deleting a participant request. It does not matter whether you do this from the request or from the course. This applies to a sales line with type 'PP' or 'PP Staffel'.
  7. If you are enrolling several participants from the same company directly in a course. Again, the bundling of participant questions will need to be enabled.

When is not asked to recalculate?
  1. The VAT rate or the expense centre or the general ledger account has been adjusted in the sales rule for the course definition.
  2. Remove a sales line from the Course definition. This is only possible if no requests have been made yet.
  3. Adding, modifying or removing price agreements to a sales line in the Course definition.

This is wat you do when you need to recalculate.
  1. Via the request: open the requestand go to the tab 'Sales lines'. There you will see two buttons. Click on 'Recalculate' if the sales line needs to be recalculated. Click on 'Do not recalculate' if you want to leave the sales line unchanged. If this button is clicked, the indication 'To recalculate' will be turned off, but the 'Recalculate' button will always remain visible and usable.
  2. Through the course: open the course and go to the 'Requests' tab. Click on the button 'Recalculate all requests'. Note: this applies directly to all requests. The indication in the column 'To be recalculated' is now set to 'no'.