You want an overview of participants who are enrolled in a course that are present and passed.

Think for example of creating an overview for people who are allowed to receive PE points.

What's going on?
If you generate the overview from the training, tab 'Documents', only those participants who have been present and passed will be shown.

What it takes?
A document template with repetition of the participants. In the merge code of the repetition, the filter option is added. With this filter you make sure that only the participants that are present and passed are shown.. But beware: Whether someone is present is determined by the attendance % for approval entered in the type of training (tab 'General').

Find out more?
Read more about filter options in merge codes.


Example document template:
The example was created using Documentitor 3.0, data group 'Training'. The participants are displayed using a table.
  1. Present: use filter option '\@ FILTER:present=true'.
  2. Pased: use filter option '\@ FILTER:geslaagd=true'.
  3. Present and pased: use filter option '\@ FILTER:present=true;geslaagd=true'. Attention: separator = ; (dot-comma).
Have you made the document template yet? Then open it. In the tab 'Editor' (1) click on '<> HTML' (2) to open the source code.

Modify HTML source code:

Scroll in the source code to the table in which the participants are displayed. You can also using 'ctrl-f' search for


Add to merge code <!--[OpleidingDeelnemer]--> filter option \@ FILTER:present=true of geslaagd=false toe.

Note: for \@ you have to add a space.
If you leave the source code by clicking on '||| Editor' then the filter option is not visible.

Must show on the overview the participants who are not present or who passed?
  1. Present: use filter option '\@ FILTER:present=false'.
  2. Pases: use filter option '\@ FILTER:geslaagd=false'.
  3. Present and not pased: use filter option '\@ FILTER:present=true;geslaagd=false'.

This filter can also be extended with invoice paid yes/no.
'\@ FILTER:present=true;geslaagd=true;betaald=true'. Note: separator = ; (dot-comma).