At the invitation to the participant in a blended course, you do not want the e-learning part to be shown, but only the classroom parts to be followed.

What's happening?
When composing the invitation, a filter option ensures that only the classroom items are shown.

What's needed?
A document template with repetition of the parts to which the participant is subscribed. In the merge code of the repetition, the filter option is added. With this filter you make sure that one or more parts are not shown or skipped. This means that the number of items and the order must always be the same. After all, the filter shows the first x items from the list or the last x items from the list or skips an x number of items.

Want to know more?
filter options in merge codes.

Example document template.
The example was made with the aid of Documentitor 3.0, data group 'Course participant'. The components are displayed using a table.

De opleiding bestaat uit drie onderdelen.
Strand 1 shall not be included in the invitation. Strands 2 and 3 do. Use filter option '\@ FILTER:bottom=2', only the last two parts will be shown.

Then view the presentation below by scrolling down in the presentation. Click on an image to enlarge it.

Does the invitation of the e-learning have to show only part 1? Then use the filter option '\@ FILTER:top=1'.