Do you provide training / services to organisations subject to VAT but also to foreign organisations or VAT-exempt institutions (government, banks, insurers, cultural -, healthcare - and welfare institutions). These exempt institutions and foreign organisations pay a VAT rate of 0% instead of 21%.

What's going on??
In Coachview you can only choose one VAT rate per sales line under "Accounting". The deviating VAT rate can therefore be set by means of a price agreement on that sales line. With the help of conditions (specific companies and persons or categories) you determine which companies and persons are eligible for the different VAT rate.

When a request is created, Coachview will assign the correct VAT rate.

What it takes?
A price agreement on the relevant sales rules. On this price agreement you register the deviating VAT rate.

Please note:
  1. It is important to choose "fixed amount" instead of discount or surcharge. If you choose your discount or surcharge, Coachview will create a second sales line and leave the original one (with an incorrect VAT rate). 
  2. If you change the price on the sales line, you will also have to change it on the price agreement.