The maximum number of registrations for a course has been reached. You want an automatic e-mail to be sent to the course coordinator, perhaps a new course can be planned.

What's happening?
If the number of registrations for a course reaches the maximum number, an action is created. If this action is performed automatically (or manually), an e-mail will be sent to the programme coordinator. The programme coordinator is registered as contact person 2 for the course.

What's needed?
An action template that creates an automatic action when the maximum number of registrations is reached.

Actie template minimum niet bereikt:
Name:Training has reached the maximum number of registrations [Course:Name].
Data group:Course
Proces:Send E-mail
Event:Course is created 
E-mailtemplate:Document template with the same data group. At 'on' select contact person 2.
Timing:Select your 'performance event'? This means that the action is only visible and immediately executed when the maximum number of participants has been reached. Do you register a participant that reaches the maximum number of participants? Then you will see the action and it will be executed within a few minutes. Do you choose 'X weeks before start training'? Then the action will be visible when reaching the maximum number of participants, but it will be carried out x weeks before the start training.
Condition:Maximum participants reached --> 'Yes'.

You link the action template to the course definition for which you want the maximum number of registrations to be checked.

Note: Have you set the option 'subtract the number of people in web requests to be processed from the number of free places in the course or course unit' via the 'Service centre' menu and the 'Options' menu item? The web requests are not included in the calculation of the number of participants for this action!