Do you want to publish courses on your website or training portal but they don't appear here? Then it may have to do with the following causes: 

        1. Publication of the website is not checked in the type of course (this only applies to the link to the website).

        2. No training portal has been selected in the type of training (this only applies to a training portal).

        3. Publication of website/portal is not ticked in the course

        4. The code of the course does not correspond with the code of the type of training.

        5. The code of the course must be unique, a code can only be used once.

        6. The programme does not contain the original type of components.

        7. There is no date filled in for the parts of the training.

If you have checked the above causes and the training is not yet on the training portal or website, please create a ticket by sending an e-mail to The helpdesk will help you further.