Our service:
With our course administration software you get the freedom to manage your courses and trainings according to your wishes. Through our helpdesk we like to make sure that you use our system as optimally as possible. However, our service sometimes went a bit far in this respect. For example, in 2018, in addition to supporting activities, our helpdesk also helped a great deal with executive tasks. As a result, tickets remained open for too long, which meant that customers were less well served. Because we attach a great deal of importance to good support, we have drawn up clear guidelines. This shows that we take on fewer executive tasks. Our focus shifts to coaching so that you can do it yourself in Coachview. Learn to use your Coachview better right away. If you have any questions about the guidelines below, please feel free to contact us.

Coachview services within license agreement.
Of course we will continue to support you in the use of Coachview. In fact, this is only getting better, as we are continuously improving the knowledge base and e-learning. Below you will find an overview of the activities and helplines you can expect from us as a user. If you don't see enough of this, you can call us to account. We'd love to!

Knowledge base (always available | free of charge):
Our knowledge base is your first helpline for your questions about Coachview. It is full of articles and movies about how to use the software. The easy search function allows you to quickly find the right information. Here you will also find all tickets (open and/or closed) of you or your organization, with the answers and possible links to relevant articles on the knowledge base .

Workshops (by appointment | free of charge):

Have you only recently started working with Coachview or do you need a refresher or deepening course? Every month several free workshops are organized for all Coachview users.

This way you can get training on the following topics:

  1. Coachview starts
  2. Document templates
  3. Action templates
  4. Evaluations
  5. Financial processes.

Inschrijven voor deze workshops doe je gemakkelijk via ons opleidingsportaal en doe je hier.

E-learning (altijd bereikbaar | gratis):
Heb je geen tijd voor een uitgebreide workshop of wil je alleen specifieke onderdelen opnieuw doornemen? Dan zijn er voor jouw e-learnings over Coachviewbeschikbaar. Door deze e-learning krijg je de mogelijkheid om in je eigen tijd te leren over Coachview.
  1. Coachview start
  2. Opleidingssoort
  3. Opleiding
  4. Evaluatie
You can easily register for these workshops via our training portal and do so here.

Helpdesk (free of charge via tickets or by phone | working days from 8:30 to 17:00):
On working days, one or more expert helpdesk employees are available who know all the ins and outs of Coachview. This allows them to support you well and explain functionalities. Of course we would also like to think along with you about how you can take the next step in the use of Coachview. Performing tasks such as modifying document templates are as little as possible taken care of by the helpdesk, but are done together with you. This will enable you to perform these tasks yourself in the future.

By phone (30 minute appointment + 30 minute preparation | free of charge):
Would you like advice on how to use or optimise specific functions in Coachview, such as evaluations, the education portal or automatic workflow? Ask for a meeting at the helpdesk to discuss the subject with one of our consultants or specialists. They take a close look at your specific questions and think along with you about a good solution.

Non-monthly services, paid service:
Walk-in session at Coachview (session of 1 hour + 1 hour of preparation and aftercare | location Veghel | € 200):
Do you have small tasks or processes that you want to optimize, where it is nice to have a face-to-face chat with a consultant? Then a walk-in session is perfect for you. During the walk-in session you will work with a consultant to solve your problem. This also includes preparation time for the consultant so that the session can be used efficiently. Afterwards you will also receive a short report of the issues discussed and any tips and tricks that fit in with this. This means that you will always have a reference work that you can fall back on.

Telephone consultation (1 hour session + 1 hour of preparation and aftercare | € 150):
Do you have short questions but you don't have time to come all the way to Veghel? Then you can schedule a telephone consultation.

Guidance / consultancy (session of 3 hours (including lunch) | location Veghel | € 300):
The 3 hours of this session can be freely completed in consultation with your consultant. You can think of deepening in specific functions of Coachview or more hands-on guidance of your consultant by immediately making adjustments in your workflow. This time is also used for the implementation of new modules and functionality. Of course, hard work should be rewarded. That is why we will arrange lunch after the session.

Guidance / consultancy (session of 3 hours at your location | € 400 + € 60 per travel hour):
Do you want to talk to a consultant in detail, but you can't plan to come to Veghel for 3 hours? We fully understand that, which is why our consultant simply comes to your office or workplace. Unfortunately we can't take care of lunch ;-).

Additional registration form on your education portal (telephone contact or e-mail | depending on the complexity between € 100 and € 400):
Would you like to add a new form to your training portal? You will discuss this with our support department, so that it can be set up entirely according to your wishes.

Creation or modification of 1 document template (telephone contact or e-mail | € 100):
Do you have a complex document that you want to modify or set up? Then one document template and action templates will be set up according to your wishes. The actual linking of the action templates to the study programme types is done by yourself. This ensures that the right workflow is prepared.