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Coachview offers possibilities to process data from Coachview in your accounting system. Turn the debtors registered in Coachview into customer relations and automatically convert your invoices into sales entries, including the general ledger account, cost centre and VAT.
No standard connection.

Doesn't Coachview offer a standard connection via the service center? Maybe we have the solution for you here.

We make sure that a debtor and/or invoice xml file is prepared periodically. We offer these files in our standard format.

What's needed?
  1. An accounting system that can import both a standard debtor and invoice xml file.
  2. An accounting system that can retrieve these files from our FTPS* server.
  3. A list of VAT codes and names used in your accounting system.
  4. A list of general ledger account numbers and names used for VAT rates, courses, workshops etc. in your accounting system.
  5. A list of cost centers and names used for courses, workshops etc. in your accounting system. Note: this is not mandatory.

*FTPS: in order to realise a periodic (daily, weekly or monthly) link, the file must be retrieved from our server. Coachview provides an SFTP account for this purpose. The file is placed in a directory on our SFTP server in the same format. This happens on the same day/time, so you know when the file can be retrieved (e.g. at night at 01:00 am).


The connection will first be tested in the training environment of Coachview. ( Are there already invoices in Coachview and do they no longer need to be exported to your accounting system? Then read here how you do it. If possible, create a test administration in your accounting system that reflects the live administration.

In Coachview the VAT rates need to be adopted or adjusted. These have to correspond with your accounting systemIn Coachview the general ledger accounts need to be copied or adjusted. These must match your accounting system.In Coachview the cost centers have to be taken over or adjusted. These must match your accounting system
Our support department will have to set up a job for you, which will ensure that the xml files are ready via a fixed period of time.Setting options.
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Or contact our support department for more information. (
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