Data of persons, a participant, teacher contact or one of your colleagues are recorded in Coachview in a personal file. The details of the company where these persons work are recorded in company files. It is possible to import these data once or periodically into Coachview itself.

What's going on?
With the help of instructions we will show you how to import a file with companies and/or persons in Coachview.

You must have rights to use the module 'Company & Person' and user role 'import' must be linked to your user account. Do you want to know how to create and add this user role to a user? Then click here and watch the video or read the instructions.

Beste practice:
  1. First test your imported file in your Coachview training environment. An import cannot be reversed. Once imported data cannot simply be deleted.
  2. Do you want to import a large file? Do this later in the day.

Important conditions!

Vaker importeren van bedrijven en personen, of importeren van al bestaande bedrijven en personen.

Are you going to import companies and people more often? Or have these companies and persons been imported before? Then you need to ensure that each company and person is uniquely identified. You do this using the 'externid' and 'externsource' for both company and person. Coachview has no other possibility to recognize the company or person when importing. Don't do this? Then there is a chance that a company and/or person will be created twice.


Importing Companies and Persons in Coachview: that's how you do it.
Which company data can be imported.
What personal data can be imported.

Importing free fields.

Importing company and personal categories.