Define your work proces in actions. Creating and monitoring actions is an important part of Coachview. An action reminds you that an action has to be performed within a certain period of time. An action template is always the basis of an action.

Using an action template you can:

  1. Create a new action yourself and add it to a company or personal file, an application, a lecturer, a location or a course.
  2. Make sure that Coachview automatically prepares an action for you that you perform yourself in or outside Coachview.
  3. Make sure that Coachview automatically prepares an action and performs it for you.

What's happening?

If you often use a recurring action, you can set up an action template. Actions, using an action template, can be made for many different files. For example: company or personal file, request (quote assignment invoice), teacher, location, training, participant, customer contact person, web request, etc.

Action templates linked to a type of training ensure that when creating a training, application, training request or web request, for example, actions are automatically created and, if set, automatically executed. An action template can be linked to one or more training types.

What do you have to think about?
When creating an action template, a lot of data can be chosen or filled in. A well-considered choice in the execution, data group, process, event, timing and conditions is important.

What's needed?
  1. Setting up automatic action templates requires rights to the Automatic workflow module. At least 1 user needs this module to set up actions automatically.
  2. Knowledge of Coachview, it is important to know the structure and terms of Coachview.
  3. Your work process worked out, for example, in a diagram.

Introduction video workflow (2:30).
Example video workflow(4:23).


Explanation of the most important aspects of an action template:

  1. implementation,
  2. data group,
  3. process,
  4. event,
  5. timing,
  6. condition.
Quickly create an action template using an example.

Add action templates to training types.

Use a wizard to convert a manual action template to automatic.

Build the action template all by yourself.

Create an action template for an action that prepares and executes yourself.
Create an action template for an action that Coachview has set up for you but that you still have to perform manually in or outside of Coachview.

Have an action performed automatically.

We have prepared a number of cases for you as an example.