A location is a company without or with one or more training rooms. Before you can use a location, you first need to capture and define a company as a location. To do this, you have to create a company and location file. Are there training courses that are always held at the same location? Then you can link a location to the timetable of the type of training. If you create a course with the help of the training type, this location will be automatically scheduled. Does Coachview report that this location cannot be used because it is not available, and are you looking for a location that meets specific requirements? Then search for locations using a location role. For each location you can define one or more training rooms. A company can occur several times as a location.


Company Coachview has two training rooms: Theory room A.01 and Practice room A.02. The Theory Room requires tables and chairs to be set up in theatre form and audiovisual equipment to be available as a facility. Practice Room A.02 requires a classroom layout and computers must be present as a facility. To do this, you must create two location files, linked to the same company Coachview. The Theory Room will have the location files 'Theatre set-up' and 'Audiovisual equipment', the Practice Room 'Class set-up' and 'Computers present'. Creating a location per training room is very convenient. You keep an overview of when rooms have been planned or cannot be used and Coachview warns you if you double book a training room.

It is of course possible that you rent rooms at a training location. You don't know which training room will eventually be used. In this case, you create a location, without naming a training room. Do you add a contact person? Then you can easily and if desired, automatically send an e-mail to reserve a space. Disadvantage is that you often get double bookings because you only have one location that you plan for different courses per location.

Introduction video (2:35).


Capture location file.Record location roles (qualifications) and add them to the location file.Record one or more periods during which a location cannot be reserved using unavailability.